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The Contract

Property Buying Process


1. 選定物業



2. 簽署合約


3. 繳付首期

簽妥合約後,合約會被送到澳洲開發商簽名,待律師通知,在合約開始日14天内電滙10%首期予開發商信託戶口*(Trust Account)。



4. 申請按揭



5. 完成交易


1. Select A Unit

Buyer needs to pay holding deposit (HKD$6,000) after selecting a unit.


2. Sign Contract

Buyer and seller both appoint legal advisor, buyer could sign contract at AustBright HK Office in Kwun Tong, AustBright will refer QLD Legal Advisor to buyer, otherwise buyer could appoint their own where appropriate. 


3. First Term Deposit Payment

The signed contract will be sent to Australian Developer for signature too, and buyer needs to pay 10% deposit to Australian Developer’s *Trust Account within 14 days of legal adviser's notification.

* Trust accounts are regulated by the Australian Government and banking system, so the developer is not allowed to access the money yet.


4. Mortgage Application

Buyer prepare mortgage application 3 months prior the settlement date.


5. Transaction Completed

Upon settlement, buyer pays the balance and stamp duty, the whole transaction is then completed.



Lease and Property Management Service

We also provide lease and management service, please contact us for more information.

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